About Lexiz Legal Services

Lexiz is middle sized, internationally operating independent law firm, with its offices in the Netherlands and Lithuania. Our clients are private persons and small to middle sized companies.

Lexiz is accessible to everybody and everybody is welcome by us. We listen to our clients and take their stories seriously. Interest in client’s needs is highest priority in our practice. We are aware of the fact that your matters are urgent. This is one of the reasons why Lexiz is accessible also in the evening hours and during the weekend. We have clear vision about the quality of our services and have our business under control. We are agent of our client, which guarantees client’s confidentiality and independent advise. We do our utmost to make sure you get professional legal advise from one of our passionate legal advisors.

Lexiz distinguishes itself from what other legal services provides because of its tailored and mostly informal working methods. We can be informal but stay professional. Lexiz team works hard for reasonable remuneration.

Lexiz offers you tailored legal advise. Very often there is no need to hire an attorney to help you find answers and solutions to your legal matters. It might be that you are stuck with some legal matter or need assistance when drafting contract and you need professional help for a reasonable price, thank please do not hesitate to contact Lexiz.

Lexiz works with an extensive network of lawyers and jurists.

Lexiz practices in different law fields

Law practice fields in the Netherlands:

  • Corporate law
  • Private law (specialization in matters related to obligations resulting from joint ownership “mandeligheid”)
  • Dutch Employment law
  • International Private law
  • International Public law (specialization: human rights law)

Law practice fields in Lithuania:

  • Corporate law
  • Administrative (Public) law
  • Employment law
  • Fiscal law

Lexiz in Lithuania has experience in the Real Estate Market development and can provide its clients with professional assistance in connection to acquisition/sale/rent of Real Estate in Lithuania.

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